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Ruffly Felt Rosette Wreath

Have you ever started a project thinking, “This is going to be so cool! I’m totally going to finish it in a few hours, and I’ll probably end up making half a dozen more because I like it so much,” only to find yourself, weeks later, still working on the same project with not much of an end in sight? Yeah, this was one of those projects. However, I did finish, and I love, love, love the result, so it’s a very happy ending.

My ruffly wreath was inspired by a felt rosette pillow tutorial that I spotted back in September over at Etsy’s The Storque blog. It’s a beautiful felt project by Anne Kyrrö Quinn, and I was in love the moment I saw it. This wreath is actually pretty easy to make, but be warned that you’re going to need many, many felt circles. My wreath had 286, to be exact. Oh, how I wish I’d known about maya*made’s genius tutorial for making lots of felt circles quickly while I was doing this project. If you use her tutorial, then you’ll probably be able to cut the time spent on this project in half, at least. I’d say that it took me about 12-15 hours to finish the wreath, and after you have the circle patterns made it’s easy to sit and watch T.V. while you’re cutting, pinning, and attaching.

I was going for an ultra modern, neutral look that will match any décor year ’round, which is why I made mine completely white, but you can add holiday flair with red or green felt, or you can use a rainbow of felt for something bright and whimsical. I got a great deal on felt — Eco-fi, which is made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles — at Jo-Ann, so I only spent five or six dollars on that part of the project, plus about four dollars for the wreath form and a few more dollars for the pins.

Ruffly Felt Rosette Wreath

What you’ll need for the wreath:

– a 12 inch styrofoam wreath form
– approximately 2 1/2 yards of felt
– straight pins (enough to match the number of felt circles needed, plus two for attaching the hanger)
– scissors
– a 3 inch circle template
– a pencil
– ribbon for hanging

Making the Felt Rosettes

Using a pencil and your circle template (or that great tutorial from maya*made), trace circles onto the felt. Cut the felt circles, and fold them in half twice to form rosettes. Insert a pin near the bottom corner of the rosette, about 1/8 inch from the corner.

Attaching the Felt Rosettes

Attach the felt rosettes to the wreath form, making sure to group the rosettes tightly enough that no styrofoam is showing through the rosettes. After you’ve added a few, fluff and adjust the rosettes to your liking. Continue making, pinning, and attaching the rosettes until you’ve worked your way around the wreath form. If you have circles that are slightly misshapen or that have a little pencil or ink on them, place them toward the outside or inside edges, where they can’t be seen when the wreath is hanging.

Wreath Back

This is what my wreath looked like on the back when I was finished. As you can see, I started off with ball point straight pins, but I switched to flat head pins when the rosette count started to get up there and I had to run out and buy more pins. If you use flat head pins, then I suggest using a thimble to push them into the wreath form, or your thumb will take a beating. Ask me how I know.

Wreath Hanger

After you’ve finished adding the felt rosettes, cut a 5 inch length of ribbon, fold it in half, and attach it to the wreath form with two pins to form a hanger.

Wreath Finished

I love how organic the wreath looks when it’s finished. The ruffly felt rosettes, when grouped together like this, remind me a bit of a coral reef. While this is a rather ambitious project, I think it was completely worth the time spent. I’ll be using my wreath year ’round as part of my home décor!

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120 Responses

  1. annie pazoo says:

    zomg – this is unbelievably bee-u-ti-ful! I hope you’ll submit to Rachel at One Pretty Thing (the world needs to see this wreath!)

  2. Emily Clark says:

    I was looking for cool diy wreaths, and by following a few links I came upon yours (through Elizabeth Anne Designs wedding blog), and I am in love with what you have put together!! Thank you for posting this!

  3. DIY Wedding Details: Felt Rosette Wreath | Inspirations & Creations - Elizabeth Anne Designs: The Wedding Blog says:

    […] {tutorial found at Domestifluff} […]

  4. Kristen says:

    Thanks so much, Annie and Emily! And many thanks to Ami at Elizabeth Anne Designs for featuring the tutorial!

  5. Melissa says:

    Love this and look forward to creating one myself!

  6. tutesday :: more handmade holiday goodies | Social interaction, creative marketing, making dreams happen & craftiness. | Lisa Ashby says:

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  7. Brittany says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous in every way. I definitely need to make one for my home. Lovely.

  8. Modern Wreath For All Seasons « says:

    […] 2, 2009 by Michelle Spotted this clean, modern DIY wreath project on the Domestifluff Blog.  Love the simple and elegant look of the […]

  9. Rachel says:

    Wow, that is beautiful! Thanks so much, I can’t wait to make one. I’ll be linking as well.

  10. Meredith says:

    I was inspired by the same pillow! Well, I was going to make an almost identical one but slightly larger. However my project took on a life of its own. See my project at

  11. Steph says:

    I too was inpired by that pillow….but I just made a pillow!
    I la la love your wreath! I am totally going to copy it, I hope that’s okay. :]
    I have been trying to think of a more modern wreath for awhile now, this is the perfect solution.

  12. Michelle says:

    Oh it looks georgeous! Well done. Inspired now…going to buy felt right now……

  13. Jolene says:

    I love this wreath! I’m thinking of making one in red felt…yummy :)

    Thank you for sharing.

  14. Stephanie @ Figments says:

    Beautiful – thank you for sharing. I’m going to make one for each of my daughters – pink and purple!

  15. karin says:

    Oh, I just love this! The all-white is so dreamy! I may just have to get to work on this! I love the tip/link for the speedy circle making!

  16. Vanesa says:

    What a beautiful project!
    I can wait after teh holiday crafting to start a pink one for my daughter’s room.
    Thanks for the tutorial!

  17. Brittney says:

    Gorgeous! I just finished my rosette pillow from that same tutorial, I’m definitely trying this!

  18. Skooks says:

    Wow. It sounds like it took a lot of patience to finish this one, but I have to say the result is beautiful. Now if I could only find 15 hours to work on this, I’d be all set. :P

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  21. martina says:

    I made this over the weekend. It took longer than expected because I ran out of straight pins. A friend said she thinks this is the nicest thing I’ve ever crafted. Next step is making a rosette ball, using a styrofoam ball.

  22. Ashley says:

    Such a cute idea. I was just saying the other day how I needed a new wreath for the front door.

  23. Wedding Obsession - Canadian Wedding Inspiration for the Modern Bride. says:

    […] can be found at domestifluff, via elizabeth ann designs} Newer posts […]

  24. sue niven says:

    Love it heaps and heaps
    Perfect for a wedding too

  25. Tezzcan says:

    Just stunning, thank you for the instructions.

  26. Ann says:

    Wreath is gorgeous.
    But why write with that faded color? It is so difficult to see.

  27. abbie says:

    I am seeing this technique all over and loving all of the different creations. I did a recycled sweater felt pillow blog tutorial with a circular pattern similar to yours. I just love the simplicity and flow of your wreath…and that you pinned it to the foam form. Super simple for so many little pieces. Great tutorial! Over from Whip Up.

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    […] a gorgeous ruffly felt garland. Wouldn’t this be a lovely addition to wedding decor? Tutorial here. From Kristen at […]

  29. maya says:

    Felt circles never looked so amazing! What an absolutely gorgeous wreath… I keep seeing it pop up everywhere, and rightly so! I will put this at the top of my list… so glad it’s something that can stay up all year round, since you put so much work into it.

  30. zoe says:

    Oh WOW. I’d already decided to go all white with simple red ribbon to hang for my decorations this year. THIS is beautiful. Wonder if I can get hold of the stuff quickly!

  31. Kristen says:

    Wow, thanks so much everyone! I’m so glad that you like the wreath, and I’d love to see yours if you make one.

    Martina – we’re on the same wavelength. I have little styrofoam balls ready to make some rosette ornaments!

    Ann – Not sure what you mean about the faded color? Is anyone else having problems?

  32. Toppin Martin says:

    Martina sent me a picture of her wreath and I wanted the instruction post haste. Simply marvelous!

  33. your cool friend Cheryl says:

    I’m totally bookmarking this and making it in pink for Valentine’s!

  34. Katie @ Haute Apple Pie says:

    Saw this over on Design*Sponge and had to come check out your blog. What a beautiful project – elegant and easy too! Great job :)

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  36. Laura L says:

    I made an eggshell white wreath today — took about 5 hours. Turns out a Campbell’s Healthy Choice soup can is the perfect size to stamp 3″ circles with. I love love love this wreath! Thanks so much for being so brilliant!

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  38. TERESITA says:

    Muy buen gusto para diseñar la corona blanca.

  39. » Blog Archive » Waiting says:

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  40. becky says:

    Luv..Luv..luv.. yes I think it would be a great weekend project too! And a great Christmas gift!
    I saw one similar…it is made from a paperback book from the $ store! Tear the pages out..then roll them..then use a good craft glue and in similar fashion attach them to a styrofoam wreath! Now you can paint the edges of the book a vintage color,let dry and proceed on. But make sure you attach by pinching one end glue down!

  41. modern felt wreath | landlocked bride says:

    […] of the step-by-step instructions can be found on the DomestiFluff […]

  42. feeling better now. « tifftastic says:

    […] my favorite is the one on the top right, the ruffly felt rosette wreath. find how-to directions here. […]

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  44. Lau de Casalil says:

    I do not only agree about that project which never ends…. but I really congratulate you for this specific issue….. its encouraging, and so cute!!! (with all my °french english°!!)? ill come back here soon, Lau

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    […] minute I saw this ruffly felt rosette wreath, I knew I had to have one. Actually, I knew I had to make two of them for our dining room. […]

  46. Emily S. says:

    Cannot thank you enough for this tutorial. I was looking for the pefect thing to hang in our dining room and I found it!

  47. IS•LY | I Still Love you » Blog Archive » A Dash of Christmas on Our Front Door says:

    […] Giddy like a 12 year-old-girl is probably the best way to describe my post-project mood. After I hung up my festive little wreath I couldn’t help but point out it’s loveliness to Chris every 20 seconds. Thankfully I have a very indulgent husband who agreed with me. You can find the fabulous tutorial at domestifluf. […]

  48. Melissa {is•ly} says:

    Thanks for the tutorial and the inspiration that sparked all the motivation to actually go through and make it.

    Your blog is fabulous, by the way. I love it!

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  51. Lindsay Lee says:

    Where did you get this idea? It is GORGEOUS! I want to blog about this! LOVE IT!


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  57. Lorena says:

    Wow! Thanks so much for this amazing tutorial!
    Just one tip: I use my Cuttlebug die cutting machine and nestabilities circle dies to cut felt circles. ;)

  58. Hannah says:

    Wow! this looks like a designer christmas decoration, it looks really expensive! And i just started one, its so easy to do.
    I did grey and turquoise and it looks so nice

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  60. Zepequeña says:

    I love it!


  61. Great Holiday DIY Projects « says:

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  63. Liz says:

    This is gorgeous. I wonder if a circle cutter would work. They sell them in the scrapbooking section of most craft stores. They’re meant to cut through thick cardstock and whatnot for scrapbooking, so I bet they’d work on felt as long as it’s not too stiff.


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  65. Bryan says:

    Okay well I’m trying to make a dress with this technique, but I wanted to know if anyone knew how t sew them onto a dress correctly. Whenever I do it, the ruffles come out all flat instead of like here in this tutorial. I want to achieve this dress on the left:
    Please I’m desperate. If you have ideas, please email me at

    Awesome tutorial! Inspiration is awesome :)

  66. Melissa says:

    It’s a lovely wreath! Lots of times I’ve started a project thinking this will take about 20 minutes and it ends up taking 3 hours! So, I know where you’re coming from!

  67. Jay says:

    This works really well with regular fabric too

  68. Miho says:

    Very lovely, and I can’t believe how simple it is to make!

  69. Reena says:

    This is my first time to your site and found this lovely wreath. I cannot wait to try this. Your site has been added to my favorites and I will be a regular visitor!

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  72. Suzanne says:

    Thank you for the tutorial, i made one in pink, red, and white for a Valentine’s decoration. I posted the finished wreath on my blog. Thanks!

  73. Lisa says:

    Your wreath is gorgeous! I would love to try one!

  74. Rose FineCraftGuild says:

    so good, will feature as a 2009 favorite.

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    […] […]

  76. Candice says:

    I am so excited to try this for a Valentine’s Day wreath. I’m still looking for a heart shaped styrofoam wreath form though – any suggestions would be appreciated. (I’ve only looked at Michael’s and Walmart.)

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  78. Kristen says:

    Thank you so much, everyone, for sharing what you’ve done with the project and tips on making the circle cutting process faster! And I’m so appreciative of everyone who has linked the project from their sites. You guys rock!

    Candice – I’ve seen heart shaped wreath forms at Jo-Ann, though they’re not always in stock. Maybe try there?

  79. Maryanna says:

    I love the white!

  80. Liz of Wool Boutique says:

    I hope you don’t mind but i came across your tutorial while searching for inspiration on wedding table centre decorations. I’ve linked to you in my blog. If it’s a problem please let me know and i’ll take it down right away :)

    Liz x

  81. Ashlee says:

    I love this wreath. But a few pointers:
    The circles can definitely be bigger than 3 inches, I’d go to 5 or 6 even.
    And you’ll need more than 250 actually!
    Once you start pinning, don’t pin super tight together. It’s okay for them to be a little further apart.
    I went with red, white may have been easier because the red you have to fully cover due to seeing the white foam behind.

  82. Jennifer says:

    I wanted to let you know that I linked you on my blog. I just did a valentine’s wreath inspired by your tutorial.

  83. Punkie Pie's says:

    I love this wreath!! Thank you for sharing!! I made a heart shaped one for Valentine’s Day and I linked you on my blog at

  84. Keçe kapı süsü « Browni says:

    […] Domestifluff […]

  85. glasseye says:

    have all circles for above wreath cut in about 2+ hours…
    i used a 3″ can lid with [smoothed edges, obviously] as my template/cutting edge.
    i cut out 3″[+] strips of doubled felt, then cut that into appropriate squares.

    since felt kind of sticks to itself, i cut out 2 circles at a time holding the lid & felt tightly together with & zipping around the lid with scissors. no markings to worry about [plus a step eliminated] & a ton of time saved…

  86. nikita3983 says:

    I just finished two of these for my wedding – much cheaper than floral wreaths! I absolutely love them and those who have seen them love them too. I can’t wait to have them on display at my wedding! Thanks for sharing!

  87. Gaby says:

    This is so gorgeous – I made a green one this weekend in honor of St. Patty’s Day. It definitely took me a while, even using the lid stamp technique, but I love the result. Thanks for sharing. I also linked to you from my blog.

  88. the Duchess says:

    I made a turquoise wreath with your fab tutorial and I posted it on my blog as soon as it hit my front door. Can’t wait to use the leftovers to make rosette hair/bag/pin accessories. Thanks for the inspiration ;o)

  89. janiepie says:

    This is the prettiest wreath I have ever seen, and I am so very happy I found it! Just finished making one for my daughter’s wedding and am starting a 2nd one! It just is so breath-taking! Thank you!!

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  92. Lisa Gutierrez says:

    I made a brown wreath and I LOVE IT!

  93. mbutler says:

    LOVE this tutorial!! Thanks for sharing. :) I just made an orange one with a big black bow for Halloween. I’m thinking of changing out the black bow for a brown one to use it until Thanksgiving. I HIGHLY recommend getting the Olfa circle cutter for this project. It’s my newest favorite sewing tool. It’s so fun to use! I cut out all my circles and finished 1/2 the wreath in one movie night with the hubs.

  94. Caitlyn says:

    Love it! My sisters and I made the same type of wreath, except smaller, for my sister’s wedding back in 2001. We made them using felt in her wedding colors and hung them on the side of chairs at the end of each row in the aisle. I wish I had a picture to post! The white wreath is gorgeous though! So simple, yet stunning. I’m going to have to make larger wreaths for the holidays now!

  95. Aimee says:

    LOVE this! I featured you here.

  96. sabrina says:

    I was wondering if you spray anything on there so the felt doesnt get ruined in the outdoor weather. What would you recommend to use. Its a great project by the way.. im almost done with mine and my hands do hurt. :) but thanks for all the info and posting this.

  97. Kristen says:

    Sabrina – I keep mine indoors, so I haven’t had it exposed to the weather, but I wonder if something like Scotch Guard would work on the felt?

  98. amy says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial! I loved it and just finished mine for our new house. I am glade I listened to your advise and stamped the circles:)

  99. LinnOrganized says:

    This is absolutely fabulous! Thanks for sharing and I just posted about this great tutorial on my organization blog. Thanks again!

  100. Rosalind Rogers says:

    OMG that is beautiful, I love, I love. Exceptional — I commend you.

  101. Kari J says:

    Great tutorial! This is exactly the idea that I had in my head for a wreath and now I can actually make one. I am sticking with a neutral color as well for everyday use!

  102. Heather says:

    I just made one for Christmas, thanks SO much! Took me a couple of evenings to finish it.

  103. Nig says:

    I love this, I have just finished a poinsettia wreath which took me ages, but this is so unique I really have to make one! It can’t take as long as the poinsettia wreath, surely :)

  104. Robin C says:

    I just made mine and I Love it! Only suggestion I would make is to buy pins that are long enough. I went with rather short ones because that’s what I already had, but I am finding with the thickness of the felt doubled they don’t stick in the foam far enough and some have fallen off. So the longer the pin the better!

  105. tanja says:

    I love it ;) this is mine

  106. Betsy says:

    Just finished making mine! I used charcoal gray felt. My trick for cutting out the circles quickly was to use my Silhouette SD to cut 3″ circles out of freezer paper. Then you iron the freezer paper onto the felt and cut out around them. You can use the freezer paper a couple times. It worked great and the wreath turned out AWESOME. Thanks!!

  107. Makenna says:

    Loved this tutorial! I made a wreath for Christmas using dark and light green felt.

    The poinsettias are from this tutorial:

  108. Karra says:

    I am thinking about making one of these for my granddaughters room and my daughters room. Bella’s room will be light purple and pink and Kaitie’s room in a mauve and purple with touches of white. thanks for sharing this.

  109. Tara Todd says:

    Beautiful! I love this!

  110. Lindsey says:

    Thanks so much for the tutorial! I made one yesterday, following your basic instructions except I used muslin. Feel free to check it out @

  111. dorothy says:

    I am making 2 of the white ones, because I have double front doors..if anyone has had xperience with anything to spray on them for outdoors, I love to hear… I cut 375 out of 2 yds of felt..I would definately recommend the Olfa Circle’s the only way to go..I bought mine at a quilting store for $25..worth every penny…can’t wait to hang them..

  112. Kristal @ Engineering Life and Style says:

    LOVE the wreath!!

  113. Pam says:

    Make a thin cardboard circle template. Iron freezer paper to your felt. Then use the template to draw all the circles. Saves material. Freezer paper makes it much easier to cut the felt. Pull paper off after you cut. No ink lines to worry about. Makes the job go so much faster.

  114. Amy says:

    I didn’t want to purchase an ink pad so I put paint on a paper plate and used it to stamp! Works great! Thx

  115. Emily says:

    Came across your tutorial from Pinterest. Love it! I can’t wait to start this project! Thanks for sharing!

  116. Sherriel says:

    I think those little make up removal pads would work really well for this project. You can get 80 in a pack at Dollar Tree….just an idea.

  117. What Anna Said says:

    LOVE this! I’m going to try and it!!

  118. arlene says:

    Very cute. I used to do this only using christmas fabric only cut in 3/4 in squares. Still takes a while to make.

  119. Mlbourke says:

    Love the felt wreath and will be making one with a dark red color because that would go with my decor better. If I can figure out how to download a picture, I will. I am sure it will go well.

  120. Shelly says:

    I’m worried about it getting dusty/hard to clean, but I’m attempting one anyway.

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