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  • I'm Kristen, a clumsy but determined home cook and crafter living in the Boston area with my husband, B, and I have an interest in all things food and craft.

    This blog was created to keep track of my various projects and adventures. They may not all be successes, but my goal is to remain unintimidated by whatever engages my curiosity.

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Farmer Dave's CSA, Week 2

This past Friday’s CSA box was filled with lots more greens, including spinach, red lettuce (does this count as a green?), and a huge head of romaine lettuce that we used to make tasty dinner salads, but what made me happiest were all of the little surprises that were tucked into the bottom of the box.
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Farmer Dave's CSA 2011, Week 1

I’ve been waiting for years for a local farm to offer a CSA / farm share with a pickup location in our city, and I finally hit the jackpot because Farmer Dave’s has come to town. Read the rest of this entry »

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Gluten Free, Sugar Free Carrot Pulp Bars

I’ve been feeling rather guilty lately, and it’s all because of juice. See, I’ve started making my own homemade veggie juice on a regular basis, but the problem is the leftover pulp. I’d love to compost but 1) we live in a high rise apartment building, and though we have a balcony, there’s not a whole lot of room to do composting, and 2) I have no idea what I’d use the compost for because I don’t actually grow anything (brown thumb). So, I end up having to throw out the leftover pulp, which really bums me out.

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Sugar Free Peanut Butter Eggs

Has it really been four months since I last posted here? Wow, time sure does fly, and an insanely busy work schedule certainly helps the weeks and months wiz by. Even though I haven’t been posting here (due to the aforementioned insane work schedule), I’ve been very busy in the kitchen and have been experimenting up a storm over the past several months.

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Dairy Sugar Free Eggnog

Eggnog used to be one of my favorite holiday guilty pleasures. It had to be the kind in the carton (non-alcoholic) with the artificial rum extract. I just loved that stuff and looked forward to having it with Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner every year. Of course, it was packed with sugar and who knows what else, so I had to give it up when I went sugar free, and I hadn’t had a sip for years … until I got a wicked craving for it a few weeks ago and decided to try making it from scratch.

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Classic Brooklyn Italian Meat Sauce

I’m not from Brooklyn, and I’m actually not even Italian, though I did grow up in a place where 75% or more of the population had at least some Italian heritage, but I’d like to think that all of those years of eating delicious spaghetti dinners at the local Sons of Italy have given me at least a decent ability to tell a good sauce from a not so good one. And, in my not-Italian-but-Italian-food-loving opinion, this is a very good sauce. Actually, it’s more like liquid meat with a little bit of sauce in it. The recipe is a descendant of Bolognese sauce, which I also love, but instead of containing a variety of meats, it only calls for ground beef.
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