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Pom Pom Flowers

I have a thing for flowers that look like pom poms. Mums, allium, chive blossoms, dahlias – love ‘em! Since fresh flowers aren’t always in the budget, and because I have a brown thumb, I started thinking about what I could do to brighten up our apartment with flowers without actually using flowers. Soon, the idea for some sort of pom pom flower started bouncing around in my head, and this is what I came up with.

How to make pom poms? I googled around and found a number of tutorials, including several that use the cardboard donut method, which can be found here, here, and here. Unfortunately, I’m impatient and not particularly coordinated, so cardboard donuts were flying everywhere. My favorite method is found in the pom pom tutorial at Bella Dia. This method makes slightly more yarn scraps, but you can recycle the scraps by using them as stuffing for craft projects, or you can put them in a small fabric pouch and add a few drops off lavender, rose, or another type of essential oil to make a drawer sachet.

Though my method basically follows the Bella Dia tutorial, I have made some slight variations, so I’ve posted my method below.

Pom Pom Flower Supplies

What you’ll need for the project:

small, sharp scissors
wire cutters
a hot glue gun and glue sticks
materials for the stems (paper or fabric covered floral wire or my favorite, branches or twigs)

Pom Pom Wrapping Yarn

Using your thumb, hold the end of the yarn against your fingers as you begin to wrap the yarn. After a few wraparounds, you should be able to let the end go and continue wrapping. I size my pom poms by fingers: 2 is small, 3 is medium, and 4 is large. Don’t wrap the yarn too tightly, or you’ll have blue fingers and won’t be able to slip the yarn off easily later!

Pom Pom Finished Wrapping

The more times you wrap the yarn, the fuller your pom pom will be. However, try not to overdo it, or you may have trouble in the later stages because there’s too much bulk. For small pom poms, I wrap between 50-75 times; for medium, 75-100; for large, 100-125. Yarns come in many different thicknesses, so you may find that you need more or less wraps to achieve the fullness that you’d like.

Pom Pom Fuzzball

After you’ve finished wrapping the yarn, carefully slide it off of your fingers.

Pom Pom Tie

Cut a piece of yarn that is between 4 and 6 inches long to use as a tie. Place the wrapped yarn on top of the cut piece, trying to center it as much as possible.

Pom Pom Yarnball

Pull the cut yarn as tightly as you can over the wrapped yarn, and tie a knot.

Pom Pom Cut

Using a small pair of sharp scissors, cut the top of the yarn loops th entire way around.

Pom Pom Pretrim

After you cut all of the loops, you’ll be left with a shaggy looking pom pom.

Pom Pom Trimmed

Using your scissors, trim off the longer pieces of yarn until you’re satisfied with the appearance of the pom pom. Fuzzy!

Pom Pom Trim

Fire up your glue gun, and find a place on the pom pom where the yarn looks a tad sparse or where things are a bit flat or uneven. Basically, you’re looking for a good place to glue the stem. Part the yarn to expose the more dense area of the pom pom. This will make a sturdy anchor for your stem. Apply a small amount of hot glue to your choice of stem, and press into the exposed anchor area.

Pom Pom Glued

Ta da! You’ve got a pom pom flower.

Pom Pom Snip

Use wire cutters to trim the stem to the desired length, and have fun figuring out where you’re going to put your flower!

Pom Pom Flower Branches
Pom Pom Flower Package

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162 Responses

  1. Craftzilla says:

    Great tutorial! I can see myself making these to adorn gifts!

  2. Tracy says:

    Well how cool is that? I share your pom-pom flower love – great idea here!!

  3. peabody says:

    Those look neat. I suck at craft projects and mine would so not turn out like that. ;)

  4. Kristen says:

    Thanks, everyone!

    peabody – I’m about 50/50 when it comes to both craft and food experiments. And the 50% that fail are usually real messes. ;) Thankfully, this was a success, and I’m sure if you gave it a go you’d be pleasantly surprised by the result!

  5. Allison says:

    Well, now I will have to go collect some sticks on my way home from work so I can make this lovely project!

  6. Kristen says:

    Allison – yay for free craft supplies!

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  8. Valerie says:

    These are a great idea!! Thanks for sharing!! And, thanks for all the pictures along the way! They make tutorials much easier to follow, in my opinion.

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  10. alana says:

    these are absolutely positively gorgeous! I will most definitely be using this tutorial for my future crafts. Thank you so much for posting it.

  11. Kristen says:

    I’m so glad that everyone is enjoying the tutorial! Thanks so much for your wonderful comments! :)

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  13. Joanne Tinley says:

    What a lovely simple idea! I haven’t made pompoms for years and I love those. Do you mind if I blog about your tutorial when I’ve made some?

  14. Kristen says:

    Thank you, Joanne! I think it would be great if you blog about the tutorial when you’ve made some.

  15. kate says:

    i heart this! just ADORABLE!

  16. Carrie says:

    Love pom poms! The white with the twigs are my fave. =)

  17. Savvy says:

    I love that lamp. Where does it come from? The pompom are adorable too.

  18. Andi says:

    What a great idea, thanks!

  19. Kristen says:

    Thanks so much, Kate, Carrie, and Andi!

    Savvy – I actually purchased the lamp at Lamps Plus (link goes directly to the lamp). It actually looks like they’re on a great sale right now!

  20. Savvy says:

    Thank you so much. This is a great site. But is that the same lamp? Yours looks like it is shaped a little differently.

  21. Kristen says:

    The lamp base does look a little more “rounded” on the Lamps Plus site, but if you click on the “In Scene” photo, I think it looks more accurate. Plus, in the picture I took there was a dark shadow around the underside of the base, which doesn’t help because it makes the base appear flatter. It’s the same lamp, though!

  22. Megan Adams says:

    Those are super cute! I am making some when I can find the scissors…I love the vase you put them in! I want one! haha

  23. Brandon says:

    I was skeptical when I started reading, but it turned out very neat and looks great as a decoration on the package. I want to try this with hand spun yarn!

    Keep up the great posts!

  24. Sandi says:

    Made them……love them.

  25. Lynn says:

    awesome! it would look really cool if you did multi-colored ones!

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  27. Kristen says:

    Megan – Thank you! The vase is from J. Mendocino, and I love it!

    Brandon and Sandi – So glad to hear that you made them and that they turned out so well!

    Lynn – Thanks! I have tried some multi-colored ones, and they do look cute. I’ve also experimented with using embroidery and crochet thread with the yarn, and that looks pretty neat, too.

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  29. avogana says:

    I was just trying to figure out what to do with my small yarn scraps today. This is perfect!

  30. ana says:

    ohhh, cute!!! is perfect!!! ;)

  31. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for the cuuute idea! My dad will be thrilled when I go get sticks for this–I’ll be crafting and cleaning up the yard at the same time!

  32. Missy says:

    I made these this weekend and they came out amazing! Thanks for the detailed tutorial. It made it so easy for me to walk thru it step by step myself.

  33. arta says:

    What a great idea, thanks!

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  39. Ryan says:

    We used to make plastic pom-poms the same way except we wrapped colored plastic around a piece of wood with 2 grooved ends for the twist-tie to go through and the other side was for the scissors to cut through. We made hundreds to decorate the cars in the wedding party

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  43. Sandy says:

    Thank you for putting this up. My grandmother always put these on the slippers she crocheted for us and I couldn’t figure out how to make them. :)

  44. I wanna be creative says:

    Totally addicted to making these whilst watching tv (I even brought wool specially for this after seeing this tutorial!). Thanks so much for sharing.

  45. cindy says:

    I tried and tried and tried to make these but I could not shape them into a perfect circle. I think I’ll have to try again because I want to use them everywhere! :)

  46. Nathalie says:

    Your flowers are so cute: thanks for the tutorial!

  47. little t jane says:

    sooo sweet & just darling. thank you kindly heaps for this fantastic, clear tutorial. i totally need to try this, now! ;D

  48. pom pom says:

    […] I forgot how I came across this fantastic tutorial… […]

  49. Kristen says:

    Thanks so much, everyone, for the great feedback. I’m so happy to see that this tutorial is still one that people want to try. And I love everyone’s pom pom stories!

    Cindy – I’m sorry to hear that you’re having problems getting the pom poms to be circular. Sometimes I have to keep trimming the bits of yarn to get a nice circle. From time to time I still end up with a side that’s uneven or flatter, and I just glue the flower to the stem on that end. Perfect fix! ;)

  50. sarah: paper + stitch says:

    oh, what a wonderful idea. I’ve made pom-poms before, but never thought to attach to stick as a flower. brilliant!! now, my quest for billy buttons is over – this is a much better substitute! Thanks!!

  51. Fat Ninja says:

    I LOVE this tutorial! I didn’t do too well with the pom pom maker I got from Japan, but your tutorial is so easy and I just had to blog about it :)

  52. myDIYweddingday says:

    These are great! I can’t believe how good the yarn looks. Linked to them from my blog, thanks!

  53. Noelia says:

    I just posted a picture of my version of your flowers over my Blog ! Thanks a lot! They look amazing !

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  57. chichi says:

    thanks for sharing! love doin’ little pom-poms! simple and neat design for our wedding invitation!

  58. Fiona says:

    I’ve never seen pompoms made without a paper template before. I really want to make some now. I used to love making robin pompoms at Christmas.

  59. thebadcat says:

    What a great idea! Thanks for posting the tutorial. I need to find some yarn to try and make a few. Its a cute addition to a handcrafted gift.

  60. becky says:

    I love and hate you(just kidding) at the same time for coming up with something so beautiful, yet so simple. To me that is truly art at its finest. Bravo!

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  62. summerdae says:

    Thanks for the great tute! Perfect for a crafter feeling under the weather. So easy and quick, makes me smile! LOVE THEM!!!!

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  65. Ena says:

    How Cute?! Beautiful ideas, great HP ;)

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  67. Becky says:

    Love this, I have put them on top of crocheted hats before. Never thought of them as decoration, I can’t wait to try it! Thanks

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  70. denise says:

    these are beyond adorable. i love them! can’t wait to try them.

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  72. Annie says:

    This is such a beautiful and unique tutorial! Thank you for sharing.

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  74. Melissa M says:

    I LOVE this tutorial. What kind of yarn do you recommend…I tried one with some 3 Ply/Sport yarn that I had lying around and the pom-pom was not “fluffy” looking at all :( the yarn just looked “string” still. Any suggestions? THANKS for such awesome sites!!!

  75. Amy@OldSweetSong says:

    Your blog is amazing! I just popped over from Design Crush. I’ll definitely bookmark and come back and visit more.

  76. Kristen says:

    Melissa – the Vanna’s Choice by Lion Brand and Red Heart Designer Sport yarns have worked the best for me. Both seem to have the right “fluff” factor for the pom poms. Hope this helps!

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  82. Becca Pirwitz says:

    in love.

  83. shelby says:

    these are wonderful!!! so so pretty… hope u don’t mind I use these :)

  84. Dennise says:

    This tutorial is by far the easiest I’ve ever encountered! Thank-you so much. This is amazing. I will make me some and post them on my blog. You will get full credit, of course. xo

  85. jennifer says:

    thanks so much! I’m obsessed. :)

  86. Mrs. Art Doll Maker says:

    Love this idea. I’ve been looking for something unique and different to embellish my work and this just might be it! Thank you!

  87. Link Love says:

    […] Pom-pom flowers via Domestifluff. I had no idea these were so simple to make! Time consuming, perhaps, but simple none-the-less. Pretty pom-poms at work here and here. […]

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  90. Nancy Ward says:


    Today I posted an entry on my blog with a link to this tutorial.

    I’d appreciate your letting me know if that was OK.


    Nancy Ward

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  94. Victoria says:

    Soooo incredibly cute! I NEED to make some of these!! :)

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  100. Dalila says:

    This is just wonderful. Thanks for sharing this tutorial. Now, going off to buy me some nice colored yarns for the flowers I’ll be making. Hehehe.. :)

  101. Hiskia says:

    so pretty! posted your lovely idea on my blog & i am sure going to be making these :)

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  103. Tay says:

    Thank you for posting this great tutorial! I have been listing DIY flowers all week, and your tutorial has been added:

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  109. Joge says:

    CANNOT WAIT to teach the kids I work with how to do this! They love crafts but our after school program has NO MONEY. We have random 1/2 used skanes of yarn lying around. This will be a PERFECT spring craft! Thank you Thank you Thank you!:)

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  116. Yani says:

    You don’t know how long I’ve been on the hunt for pom pom tuts that did not include the cardboard method…thanks! Now I can finally get some projects out the way!…I’m thinking of combining these poms with the felt wreath (:

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  118. pk @ Room Remix says:

    These are awesome! I used two images in my post today and linked back here to your tutorial. Please let me know if that’s a problem. Hope you’re having a great week!

  119. Kristen says:

    pk – Thanks – I appreciate it!

  120. Mimie :) says:

    hello kristen :) thanks for the toturial . You know what you’re doing with your work, and that’s really a nice feeling, that you’ve created something that wasn’t there before, that’s is you :) . thank youuu ! xoxo , mimie :)

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  122. Ann says:

    Just used this tutorial to adorn my husband’s birthday gift – easy AND pretty! Thank you! :)

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  124. gaia in love says:

    Hey.. I used this idea in my post and linked back to your home page and your tutorial.

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  129. says:

    Wow we made these in high school but made the for our pep ralleys. You turned it into a great idea. Thanks for bring back the memories!

  130. etho says:

    love it

  131. Ray* says:

    I wish I read this tutorial like 2 years ago. This rocks!!!!

  132. Amanda says:

    Wow, I love this are so creative. I can’t wait to make my first one, so fun!!! Thanks for sharing your creativity, xoxo!

  133. Ashland says:

    I may be missing a step or something, but when I tie the string around the ball of yarn that was wound around my fingers, there is a clear separation of the yarn around where I tied the string. It looks separated so that you can see where the string was tied. What could I be doing wrong? I try to pull the string as tightly around the ball of yarn as much as I can but it still seems to happen. Any suggestions? Thanks so much! :)

  134. Kristen says:

    Ashland – What type of yarn are you using? I’ll usually fluff the yarn around the area where the string was tied, and as I trim off the excess that area blends in completely with the rest of the pom pom. This is just a thought but, if you’re using thinner yarn, then it may be why that separation is still visible, even after trimming.

  135. Kristin@BringingPrettyBack says:

    This is a craft I can do! I love this idea!
    Have a pretty day!

  136. Aurelia says:

    So cute the pom pom flower!! I’d like to try it tonight he he… I’m working on the Christmas gifts right now..

    Thankx a lot!

  137. Benjamin says:

    I’m a little confused on the 4-6 inch piece. do you put it through the center? and tie it how?

  138. Terri says:

    This is delightful and, thanks to your clear tutorial, seems a breeze to make! Thank you so much for sharing!

  139. Sara says:

    Great tutorial! My pom pom turned out perfectly. Linking up at tomorrow. Thanks for sharing this. :)

  140. Jess says:

    This is the best idea ever. I can’t afford flowers…but know I kinda can :o)


  141. Terri says:

    Thank God for people like you who make craft tutorials like this so easy to follow! Right next to me are two small pom-poms I made just a few minutes ago. I wouldn’t have managed without your picture how-to. Now I know what I’ll be making on lazy Sunday mornings! ;-)

  142. tracie says:

    really sweet way of using it, on the journal. :)

  143. Emily says:

    I absolutely love these. I have SO much yarn mostly for crocheting, but I need an excuse to get more yarn for other projects, so this was a perfect use for my old balls of yarn. I have so many different colored pompoms around my house now! … Some of them are multi colored. I layered the yarns to make poofier pompoms… and they are so cool!

    thank you!

  144. Lesleigh says:

    I am going to use this for decoration at a baby shower I am throwing soon! There are going to be mustard and grey pom-poms all around! Thanks for the idea!

  145. Jewellie says:

    I used to make these for my roller skates when I was a kid! Don’t forget to use your hair dryer to fluff them. Spritz the pom pom just a bit with water and blow dry to ‘fluf’!!!

  146. Maria says:

    great tutorial. I will make it for my little princes birthday

  147. Krasimira Ganeva says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial. I share it on my blog and link it back to you

  148. Katie says:

    Hello! Awesome tutorial. I was wondering if you would recommend a specific type of yarn – I’ve look and many times the yarn I have come across looks to be too thin. Is there a particular brand/type you used?

  149. Becky says:

    going to make my bridal bouquet out of pom poms..thanks for a great idea!

  150. laura rowe says:

    This is incredible! I have been so confused by those cardboard donut tutorials and this one is so easy! I will definitely be sharing this on my blog!!

  151. rena says:

    Approximately how much yarn do you need to make one of these? I am new to this and I have no idea how many yards to get!

  152. Kristen says:

    rena – I’ve never measured how much yarn is needed, yardage-wise, but I can say that most packages of yarn that you can buy at the craft store will yield many, many pom poms.

  153. Joan says:

    If you want them fluffier, try giving them a gentle brush with a doggy slicker brush. The type of brush with the thick mat of tiny, slightly bent wire teeth, you can usually find a small one in the pet section of the grocery store. It will fray the ends of the yarn more and make it more of a fuzz ball than a ball of yarn. Some crocheters use the same technique to brush out finished pieces to look like fury animals!

  154. Marie says:

    Such cute pom poms! I remember making some in elementary school, but they were shaggy. The fuzzy ones look a lot cuter!

  155. Carlene Jacobsen says:

    I use 2 pieces of cardboard cut in a circle (to size desired) punch a hole in the center and with a yarn needle go in and out and around! once done slip a pair of sharp scissors between the cardboard circles and cut. they come out pretty even.

    Forgot to say after cutting, tie the center with a piece of yarn before removing cardboard.

  156. Kahla says:

    Just made a few of these with paper clips for the stems. So cute!

  157. Ally says:

    Oh my goodness I’m so addicted to making these!

    It took me a minute to figure out that I needed to cut the yarn down closer to the core to make them furry/fuzzy.

    Thanks for this most awesome tutorial!!

    My granny’s wondering why I’m making so many fuzz balls :) She’ll get her surprise soon! It’ll make her so happy!!!

  158. Elif says:

    These are so cute! I’m making a bunch for the drama club’s Horton. He has to look through a bunch to find the one with the Who speck on it. :)

  159. Kate says:

    These are great! I love how you showed the difference uses for them too :) Thanks!

  160. Jenelle W. says:

    I know you posted this 4 years ago…but I found you now and I’m so thankful! I HATE the donut method too and yours is SO MUCH EASIER! THANKS!

  161. Jamie says:

    I used to make these as a kid and pin them on my shoes with safety pins! A tip when wrapping the yarn – instead of wrapping around your fingers, you can wrap around an empty toilet paper/paper towel roll. You’ll have to squish the roll down a bit to remove the wrapped yarn.

  162. Sharidan says:

    This is quite possibly the best tutorial I have seen in yonks – can’t wait to make these and put them all over my house like a crazy lady!

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