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  • I'm Kristen, a clumsy but determined home cook and crafter living in the Boston area with my husband, B, and I have an interest in all things food and craft.

    This blog was created to keep track of my various projects and adventures. They may not all be successes, but my goal is to remain unintimidated by whatever engages my curiosity.

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Craftig Social Bookmarking for Crafters

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been busy launching my newest venture, Craftig, a social bookmarking website specifically for crafters. You can sign up for a free account at Craftig and, in minutes, be ready to start submitting links to your favorite crafty tutorials and how tos!

I was inspired to start Craftig when I realized that there was no way, even with all of the craft blogs that I follow, to possibly see everything that was going on in the online craft world. It was sad for me to think that I was missing so many wonderfully creative projects, and I thought that it would be a good idea to create a site where anyone who creates or has an interest in crafts could go to submit and share their own crafts or their favorites from around the web.

I’m excited about this new project and am so thankful to everyone who has signed up, contributed, and been so supportive of Craftig, and I’m loving all of the different crafts that everyone has posted so far! In addition to the main site, I’ll be tweeting about all things craft @craftig, and I’ll be posting a Craft of the Day every weekday on the Craftig blog and on the Craftig Facebook group, where I hope to get some good crafty discussions going, too.

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2 Responses

  1. Dennise says:

    This is amazing! I just started dabbling in the craft and diy world and am smitten. Craftig is exactly what we all need! xo

  2. Jonni says:

    Fantastic! I just signed up and what a wonderful site. Thank you. :)

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